Mats Pettersson

+ Leadership and change

Coach with over 25 years of experience in senior operational and strategic positions in listed and P/E owned international companies. In his work as Senior Vice President and Director of Human Resources and Communication, Mats has acquired an extensive experience in working with building and strengthening management teams and other functions, with implementation of culture and values and with coaching leaders. He is experienced in driving organizational change, major restructuring of personnel, work with company goals and vision and with HR transformation.  In 2012 Mats was appointed ”Human Resource Director of the year” at the annual ”Kompetensgalan” in Sweden.  Mats has his degree from the University of Stockholm in Behavioral Science and Organisational Analysis with supplementary studies at the Stockholm School of EconomicsS, IMD and StyrelseAkademien. Mats is a certified MBTI personality tester and a trained coached.